Sony Santa Monica on a Hiring Spree, Latest Posts Hint to Jumps and “Special Moves”

on November 23, 2013 5:30 PM

Sony Santa Monica is definitely switching gears for the development of its teased new PS4 title (or titles) and new career opportunity ads continue to appear from the studio behind the God of War franchise with a rather unprecedented frequency.

Just in the last month the studio has posted fifteen different ads seeking to fill a wide variety of development positions, ranging from Multiplayer Programmers, to Level Designers up to the latest Senior Character Artist and Senior Environment Artist published yesterday (the positions would actually be 16, but Administrative Assistant isn’t exactly a development role).

An ad seeking a Collision Designer, also published yesterday, includes the following responsibility: “Document the metrics used for jumps and special move heights distances,” hinting to the fact that Sony Santa Monica’s new game (or at least one of its new games) will include said control options.

When will the curtain be raised? My money is on Spike’s VGX awards. What about yours?

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