Sony Teases PS4 Release for Sandbox Zombie Survival MMO H1Z1

on April 10, 2014 12:42 AM

Sony Online Entertainment’s newly revealed Zombie Survival Sandbox MMO has only been announced officially for PC, but if you want it on PS4, the outlook is definitely looking positive.

During the unveiling livestream on GamerTalkLive¬†Smedley was asked if the game will be a PS4 and PC launch, and we already heard his response for EverQuest Next (that was afterwards confirmed for Sony’s new console as well):

Well… it’s launching first on the PC. And we have yet to discuss any other platforms, but we are Sony.

Further in the livestream the host mentioned “We have commented on the PS4 before, and it hasn’t been decided yet…” Smedley interrupted him with a big smile on his face and said:

Well…it’s been decided.

And there you have it. While we can’t count this as an official announcement yet, it’s definitely a quite explicit tease, especially since we’ve heard it before for games that were announced for PS4 shortly afterwards. After all, they’re Sony, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone.

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