Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai Explains Why PlayStation VR’s Price and Release Date Weren’t Announced at CES

on January 7, 2016 8:28 PM

Many were surprised by the fact that PlayStation VR’s price and release date weren’t announced at CES 2016, during Sony’s press conference that was held on Tuesday. CEO Kaz Hirai explained the reason in an interview on AV Watch.

Asked why those elements weren’t announced at CES, Hirai-san mentioned PlayStation VR as a topic is appropriate to “indicate the future direction” of the company, so people might ask themselves that question. On the other hand, PlayStation VR is an innovation focused on gaming, that’s why gaming events such as E3, Tokyo Game Show and GDC are a more appropriate place for that.

Since CES is an event that opens the new year, Hirai-san continues, it’s more dedicated to show the future direction of the company, more than highlighting a specific product.

Personally (and this is, again, just personal speculation), at this stage I’ll put my money on GDC in March, but I’ve been wrong before, so…

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