Sony’s Project Beast Confirmed Real By Insiders: First of a Few PS4 Exclusives; Footage Two Months Old

on May 2, 2014 6:59 PM

Today screenshots from “Project Beast” a new game made in collaboration between Sony Computer Entertainment and From Software were leaked, even if their legitimacy is still in question due to their source.

A couple¬†industry insiders with a solid track record weighed in on the rumor, and essentially confirmed that it’s real.

NeoGaf’s Verendus was the first to speak, mentioning that the leak is real and the working title is also correct. He added that the screenshots come from two months old footage.

Ahsan “Thuway” Rasheed also joined, saying that all he heard about it was that Sony was working with From Software, and something about inspiration from the Castlevania series.

Interestingly enough he also mentioned that this is the first of a few PS4 exclusives and described what we can expect from Sony’s future first party announcements:

Sony’s first party efforts going forward will be about delivering a portfolio of exclusives in multiple genres.

They don’t want to be known as the Uncharted box, the FPS machine, or the platformer palace. It’s about diversity.

As usual we should keep in mind that this kind of rumor should be considered with the customary skepticism, since it doesn’t come directly from Sony, but one thing is for sure, E3 is going to be interesting.

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