Soul Calibur V Goes Gold and Not a Moment Too Late

on January 4, 2012 7:00 PM

Soul Calibur V is set to ignite PS3s and Xbox 360s on January 31st, but the game is only officially going gold today, mere weeks before the game’s launch. I don’t think that anyone was ever worried about a game this big getting cancelled or anything, but I suppose we definitely should care that the game has gone gold.

While I usually take a game ‘going gold’ to mean that there’s no way it can be cancelled, in this case I’ll just take it to mean that SCV won’t be getting slapped with a delay, which is equally great news.  Don’t forget that both regular and collector’s editions of the game will be available for $60 and $80 respectively. Hit the break to check out the assorted pre-order bonuses. 

Pre-ordering from either Wal-mart or Future Shop will earn gamers unique laser art-cells. Pre-ordering from GameStop will net you an Ivy Bobble Budd, which for all intents and purposes seems useless. I mean it’s cool I guess but I’m really salty because I pre-ordered from GameStop and not Best Buy. Only by pre-ordering from Best Buy can you get access to a download code for the character Dampierre, who is also offered as a first print bonus in Japan. If there is no other way to get the character, I will hate GameStop forever for securing inferior pre-order bonuses.

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