Space Western Game Exoplanet: First Contact Gets New Major Update

The third person survival action RPG, Exoplanet: First Contact, gets another major update that includes bug fixes, visual updates and much more.

on March 18, 2017 9:55 PM

Alersteam, the small indie team behind the space western Exoplanet: First Contact, gave a breakdown of the latest major update for their Kickstarter backed game. The update, which went live today is now available for download.

Exoplanet: First Contact is a single player survival game with a third person viewpoint and action RPG mechanics. The newly released update brings a number of different changes and additions, all of which can be seen below:

Exoplanet Update #2:


  • Enemy bandits. They will attack the hero on sight
  • Two Bounty Hunter Terminals: near Hunter’s Rest and in the Fort
  • The Fort has been expanded and updated in preparation for future quests


  • Added CLUT support to graphics engine. Basically that means that the colors should be more vibrant now. For example, the sand should look like a scorching hot sand in the desert.


  • Experience. Progressing and finishing quests, killing bandits and monsters, discovering new locations and reading all earn experience for the hero
  • Level Ups. Once Jack gets enough experience he will get a level up. For each new level, Jack gets a small permanent health boost.
  • Reloadable guns. You have to reload your gun when your clip is empty. All guns now have specific clip size.
  • Dig! You can now dig out all kinds of stuff that’s been buried. You’ll need a shovel though.
  • A new melee attack animation with a step forward. It is played when the player attacks without moving
  • Bounce. You can double tap movement buttons (A, S, D) to avoid enemy attacks (works only with a weapon in hands)


  • added separate items for wearable armor: torso and leg protection
  • added 3 new aboriginal melee weapons


  • mining mechanics have been rebalanced, players with low mining skill should miss less often


  • dialogs now have a dedicated Trade button
  • reworked trading window, should be cleaner now
  • certain objects far below or far above the player should no longer be focused on
  • removed unnecessary horizontal scrollbar in the inventory
  • bigger journal fonts, easier to read
  • equipped items are now marked in the inventory and shown at the top


  • added shadow map resolution slider (choose the details of the game’s shadows)
  • added texture LOD bias slider. It can be used to make distant textures sharper


  • added a new bandit bounty hunt quest (check terminals or quest giver Castor in the fort)
  • added a dialog and a little quest for Mister Green
  • added a new trader in the fort
  • added a new trader and teacher (Old Mug)
  • a couple of new dialogs for the new NPCs (caravaneers)


  • certain objects when activated now should show tooltips if they require items you lacks
  • mining animation is now being played only when the player chooses ‘mine’ option
  • doors should be properly labeled now
  • should no longer be able to move Jack while he is standing up after sitting near the campfire
  • added sounds for bullets hitting an NPC
  • added weapon holster sounds for some weapons
  • countless bugfixes and additions

Exoplanet: First Contact is currently available for PC via Steam Early Access.

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