Spread the Hate and Frustration to All With 2QWOP

on February 18, 2012 1:30 PM

Remember QWOP? It’s an “ultra-realistic” running simulator from Foddy.net, where you control the calves and thighs of a runner with just the QWOP keys on a keyboard. It’s the hardest game you will ever play, and you will hate your life for even attempting to be successful.

Well, the developers apparently saw the endless potential in the social aspects of life-hating, so they decided to up the ante, and released 2QWOP, a multiplayer version of their hit frustration. This time, it’s a two-player affair, with one player using the QWER keys, and another using the UIOP keys.

I have to say, adding a multiplayer element to QWOP¬†certainly adds to the experience; half the fun with the game was seeing how ungodly terrible your friends were at trying to make a simple man walk. I could see this being a nice distraction when intoxicated with a buddy or a loved one, and you’re in the mood to break your keyboard. Check it out here.

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