Square Enix Head Honcho Not Impressed With Move, 3DS and Kinect

on June 24, 2010 11:30 AM

Square Enix Head Honcho Not Impressed With Move, 3DS and Kinect

We all recall E3 where big boys Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft showed off their latest and greatest pertaining to their upcoming hardware. Nintendo giving us a peak at their new handheld 3DS, Sony showcasing their motion controller Move, and Microsoft showing us their motion-sensing newly named Kinect. While most of us were somewhat impressed with their new toys, there were some who just didn’t buy the “gimmicky” hardware. Square Enix boss, Yoichi Wada, was one of those people who wasn’t really enthused. When asked for his thoughts, Wada expressed the sentiment that none of these are going to definitely change gaming as we know it.

Basically these technologies will stimulate the consumer market, so as a game company we welcome these new trends and the next step will be for us to create new games that will work on the different platforms or with different technology. But be it Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony, the announcements they are making this time are not the kind of technology that will definitively change the industry itself. So I think it is only an extension of the existing trajectory, if you will.

Wada went on to say that he expects network services to be the much bigger asset in which console manufacturers will be fighting for in the future. Of course, one can’t deny that as we all know just how important the online services have become this generation. I, for one, will have to disagree with Mr. Wada, as I personally believe that, although these devices from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony aren’t changing gaming at the moment, they are undoubtedly the stepping stones of how gaming will fundamentally evolve in the coming years.

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