Star Citizen Introduces the Avenger Spaceship, a New System and a Great Making Of Video

on June 28, 2013 4:59 PM

We already know that Star Citizen just overtook the $11,000,000 total in crowd funding, but today Cloud Imperium Games released quite a few further surprises.

We get to see the preliminary (and untextured) model of the Aegis Dynamics Avenger interdiction/training fighter and a new Vanduul controlled system: Tiber. You can see all the juicy pictures in the gallery at the bottom of this post, read more about Tiber here, and about the Avenger here.

The studio also set new stretch goals:

$11 million (already hit)

  • Move Wingman out of the basement! Move CIG Austin to a larger facility that will support expanded development. More room for employees means more man hours spent developing the game.

$12 million

  • Build professional sound studios. We’ll move Star Citizen’s sound production from a home office to high tech facilities that will give us access to cutting edge sound effects and Hollywood voice talent!
  • Oculus Rift support for the Hangar Module.

$13 million

  • Additional flyable ship class: destroyer
  • Command and Control Center – Supervise the battle from the deck of your Idris or Destroyer (class TBA) with advanced C&C packages that allow you to tie all of your ships together and assume central command from the 3rd seat.

Those are some rather juicy goals aren’t they? But there’s more. We also get to see the process behind the creation of the beautiful Origin 300i spaceship in the making of video below. Check it out…it’s really a joy for the eyes. And remember that you can still pledge your own support for the game here.

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