Star Citizen Reaches Nine Million Dollars in Pledges, Releases Artwork, Renders and Spacesuits

on April 30, 2013 10:12 PM

Today the folks at Cloud Imperium Games are celebrating another great success for Star Citizen, as the game reached and surpassed the nine million dollars in pledges. That’s an enormous achievement for a crowd funded game, and for crowd funding in general.

As a result all backers will see lifetime insurance extended to the ships they pledged for, and we got a lovely update that includes some awesome pieces of concept art and renders of the spaceship Aurora, that you can enjoy in the gallery below.

In addition to that all backers that used the old website (the studio is transitioning to a new one) will get an exclusive limited edition spacesuit in “test pilot” colors. For the occasion we also got an update featuring space suits and giving us a rundown of the various classes of protection we’ll find in the game.

Personally I’m amazed to see how much support Star Citizen managed to raise, and even if I feel a bit less like a special little snowflake as lifetime insurance will now be more widespread, I can’t help but feeling better as I watch the artwork below. It’s just lovely.

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