Star Citizen Sets its Sights on $18,000,000 with New Stretch Goal

on August 25, 2013 4:59 PM

Just yesterday Chris Roberts’ Star Citizen soared above $16,000,000 in crowd funding, and today it already gained another $82,000 over that amount, starting the cavalcade towards the $17,000,000 stretch goal and its flyable battlecruiser.

The folks at Cloud Imperium games don’t seem to have any intention to stop there, though, as a new stretch goal has been announced for the mind boggling sum of $18,000,000.

Achieving that goal won’t grant new ships or shiny equipment, but a whole exclusive system for everyone that backed the game before launch. Latecomers simply won’t have the jump coordinates to get there.

What will that system feature? Ruins of a lost civilization? A powerful space yard? Or maybe the best strip club of the galaxy?

I vote for the third option. You can contribute to turning it into a reality by pledging on the official website.

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