Star Wars: The Old Republic Suddenly Gets its First Live Event: Rakghouls Invade Tatooine

on April 15, 2012 3:44 PM

Business seemed to have started as usual this morning in the Galaxy far, far away, but it was not to be. Terminals on the Republic and Empire fleets are spreading the news of a Rakghoul outbreak on Tatooine and of the subsequent travel ban.

Of course, when the news say saw that going to a certain location is strictly forbidden, any adventurer worth his salt will jump to hyperspace ad go there on the double. 

The first live event on Star Wars: The Old Republic started exactly like a Rakghoul (read: space zombies) outbreak would: Suddenly and without warning. As of now the event isn’t even officially publicized on the game’s website, and some would argue that the sense of unknown and surprise generated by the lack of information is exactly what a live event like this should have to be even more enjoyable.

To start fighting off the Rakghoul menace, players will have to find the wreck of the republic cruiser Stardream, crashed on Tatooine. Doing so will start a repeatable quest chain that will grant tokens that can be used to redeem event rewards. A world boss named Urtagh is also available in the Outlaw’s Den.

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