Suda51 Talks About His Next Game, Possibly Teases the Return of No More Heroes’ Shinobu

on March 28, 2013 2:16 PM

Today released an interview with prolific developer Goichi Suda and Gung Ho Online Entertainment Kazuki Morishita (that recently acquired Suda’s Grasshopper Manufacture) about a new game. No we’re not talking about Killer is Dead. We’re talking about an even newer game.

According to the article the game, that still doesn’t have a title (or better, it hasn’t been disclosed), will be a slash action game with a strong female lead, to be released for current generation consoles and possibly on next generation ones as well.


The setting will be a near- future Japan after an unspecified catastrophe devastated the country. Interestingly enough, as you can see in the comparison above (which comes straight from my Photoshop, so don’t take it as anywhere near official) there seems to be a very striking resemblance between one of the new game’s characters and Shinobu from No More Heroes. From what I can can see she seems older, but it may just be my imagination.

Will she make a comeback or it’s just a character design very similar to hers? For now we have no way to know, but in the gallery below you can see three pieces of artwork of the new game, including the key art.

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