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Team Fortress Gets Adult Swim DLC With Venture Bros. and Hunger Team Aqua Force Swag


Team Fortress is teaming with Adult Swim to bring some of the most awesome virtual swag to the game you’ve ever dreamed of–that is, if you’re a ...Read More

Surprise Bullfight: More Proof That Messhof is Trying to Make His Fans Insane

In Surprise Bullfight, you are a gnome that must traverse an ancient forest and harvest the organs of the native beasts that roam the land, in order to ...Read More

Captain Commander is 8-Bit Everything Done Right

Another week, another new fantastic game on Adult Swim. This one’s from Pixeljam, the guys who’ve delivered such amazeballs productions as Mountain Maniac and Cream Wolf, ...Read More

Burrito Bison Revenge Makes Me Want to Elbow Drop Some Gummy Bears

The newest game in the Adult Swim line-up is Burrito Bison Revenge, and I am freaking addicted. It’s one of those launcher games where the goal is ...Read More

Mr Mullet isn’t a Bad Way to Kill Ten Minutes

Adult Swim has gone and done it again making a game that’s somehow more fun than it really should be with Mr. Mullet. Armed only with a ...Read More

Escape From Puppy Death Factory is Exactly as Badass as the Name Suggests

Another week, another awesome Flash game on Adult Swim. This time, it’s a delightful gem from developer Mr. Podunkian titled Escape From Puppy Death Factory. It’s essentially a ...Read More

If You Haven’t Played Fat Wizard Yet, You’re a Wiener

The good folks at Adult Swim have published yet another crazy fun Flash game on their site, and it’s a doozy. Called Fat Wizard, the game’s a tower ...Read More

Soul Brother Makes Death an Actual Thing to Strive For

The games on Adult Swim have always been out there conceptwise, but pretty damned amazing nonetheless, and they’re back with Soul Brother. Developed by ...Read More

Adult Swim’s New Game, Hot Throttle, is Bizarre, Even For Adult Swim Standards

Look at that picture above. If your WTF-meter doesn’t blast through the roof and render you speechless, thoughtless, dumb, deaf, and blind, you are ...Read More

Angry Birds is Getting a Cartoon

That’s right kids. One of the biggest “casual” hits of 2010 is crossing boundaries. Angry Birds is getting an animated cartoon that’s being worked on right now by Rovio. ...Read More

My New Favorite Song

I was up last night religiously playing Adult Swim’s Robot Unicorn Attack until… well, let’s just say very late. The game is annoyingly ...Read More