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Dragon Age: Inquisition Gets Free New DLC Pack; Dragonslayer Expansion Coming to All Platforms on May 5th

Though Dragon Age: Inquisition features enough content to fill five games, new DLC expansions are still on the way for Bioware and EA’s award-winning RPG, with the latest ...Read More

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Jaws of Hakkon DLC Coming to PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360 Later This Month

After an end of the year that included several “Game of the Year” awards and Top 10 nominations to its name, Dragon Age: Inquisition expanded on its already ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront Dev Talks About PS4: “We’re Really Able to Get the Maximum Out of the Hardware”

There has been a lot of talk about the console versions of Star Wars: Battlefront, especially since the initial footage we saw has been mentioned as “representative” of ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront – DICE Talks About Graphics, Audio, Partner System and More in New Videos

Today the British retailer GAME released a new Star Wars: Battlefront video starring Producer Craig McLeod, providing some rather interesting information. ...Read More

Star Wars Battlefront Devs Talk Replayability, Space Battles and More: “Feels Nothing Like Battlefield”

Star Wars: Battlefront developers are continuing to share information on the game, giving more insight on what we can expect from the upcoming shooter. ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront Dev Promises No Content Has Been Held Back for DLC; Talks Launch Issues and More

The discussion on Star Wars: Battlefront continues, and Producer Jesper Nielsen doesn’t shy away from echanging feedback and information with the fans, providing some very interesting pieces of information. ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront Devs Talk About the Challenge of Customization, Jedi, Planet Variety and More

Star Wars: Battlefront keeps sparking discussion and interest among fans, and the game’s developers continue to trickle down interesting pieces of information. ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront Devs Comment on Instant Action, Heroes, Lack of Split-Screen on PC and More

Star Wars: Battlefront developers have been responding to questions from the fans after the reveal of the game, and today they provided more information on several aspects of the upcoming title. ...Read More

No Space Battles in Star Wars: Battlefront? EA Should Just Give Us a New X-Wing/TIE Fighter

The lack of space battles in Star Wars: Battlefront caused a lot of discussion among the community, that would of course love to pilot the iconic Star Wars ...Read More

New Star Wars Battlefront Video Shows Work In Progress Footage, First and Third Person Cameras

The British retailer GAME released a developer diary video of Star Wars: Battlefront, that shows quite a few extremely interesting things. ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront Dev Talks Immersion, Features and Fun; Explains Why the AT-AT on Endor Move on Rails

Star Wars: Battlefront is a franchise with a very dedicated and passionate fanbase, so it’s not surprising to see polarized reactions to the new game’s reveal and to some of the choices made by EA DICE. ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront “Looks Great on Xbox One as Well;” Gameplay “Will Come in Due Time”

There has been a lot of talk about Star Wars: Battlefront, especially about graphics and about the direction DICE has chosen for the game, and Producer Jesper Nielsen ...Read More

Sony’s Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 Marketing Deal Might Have Forced Microsoft to Hide its Trailer

Yesterday’s reveal trailer of Star Wars: Battlefront proved beyond reasonable doubt that Sony has a pretty solid marketing deal with Electronic Arts to promote the game as PS4 title first and foremost. ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer Watched 5,806,637 Times in 24 Hours; Overwhelming 97% Positive Feedback

The Star Wars: Battlefront trailer did not “break the internet” as several DICE developers jokingly threatened, but it was definitely watched a hell of a lot of times. ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront Producer Talks Graphics, Attention to Detail and Focusing on Quality over Quantity

There has been a lot of discussion about the ins and outs of Star Wars: Battlefront, especially on whether the graphics are representative of what we’ll actually see ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront Gets New Info: Number of Maps, Frame Rate, Heroes, Unlockables and More

Star Wars: Battlefront was finally unveiled today with a new trailer and the opening of pre-orders, but there are still many questions floating around ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront – Detailed Information About the Actual Gameplay Footage Emerge

Unfortunately those following the Star Wars: Battlefront panel from home didn’t get to see the actual gameplay presentation, that was kept as an exclusive treat to those that attended the Star Wars Celebration. ...Read More

From Naughty Dog to BioWare, Here’s How Prominent Developers Reacted to Star Wars: Battlefront

Today Star Wars: Battlefront was finally unveiled, causing the usual storm of discussion among fans, but what about those that actually make the games we play? Are they impressed or underwhelmed? ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront Developers Comment on Gameplay, Graphics, Maps, “Bullshots” and More

Following the Star Wars: Battlefront reveal, EA DICE’s developers are scrambling to respond a the hundreds of related questions literally raining on them from ...Read More

You Can Get a PS4 Theme for Star Wars Battlefront by Pre-Ordering on the PlayStation Store

If you want an exclusive PS4 theme dedicated to Star Wars: Battlefront, you can get one now, by pre-ordering the game on the PlayStation Store. ...Read More

Check Out The Ultra-Limited Edition Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 “Bundle” from Star Wars Celebration (UPDATED)

During the Star Wars: Battlefront Panel EA DICE delivered three ultra-limited edition Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 bundles to three fans, while two more will be given later on Twitter. ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront’s New Trailer Was Made With in-Game Assets: “We Don’t Try to Trick Anyone”

During the Star Wars: Battlefront Panel EA DICE General Manager Patrick Bach revealed that the amazing trailer we saw today was actually in-engine, completely made with in-game assets. ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront Pre-Orders Available for Standard and Deluxe Edition; Features and Bonuses Detailed

After the official releveal, Pre-orders for Star Wars: Battlefront have now been made available on GameStop, on Amazon on the PlayStation Store and on Origin for ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer Debuts, The Internet Is Still Running, but it’s Awesome Nonetheless

Several developers at EA DICE “threatened” to “break the internet” with the first Star Wars: Battlefront trailer, and it’s finally out. ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront’s Lack of Battlelog Further Detailed; Game Won’t Launch from a Browser

Yesterday we reported that Star Wars: Battlefront will not include Battlelog, and today the game’s Producer provided further information on Reddit. ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront Gets Six Amazing Screenshots Ahead of This Evening’s Reveal

If you’re waiting eagerly for this evening’s reveal of Star Wars: Battlefront, we got something for you. Six new screenshots have appeared on Game Informer, and they’re definitely impressive. ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront Teases Aren’t CGI; “That Is What the Game Looks Like” According to the Devs

Today we saw a couple teases of Star Wars: Battlefront, to be more precise, a screenshot and a small video. Developers are commenting, letting ...Read More

Official Star Wars: Battlefront Website Hides Fantastic Screenshot and Key Artwork, Release Date (UPDATED)

Electronic Arts just opened the offcial Star Wars: Battlefront website, and besides the count down for tomorrow’s reveal trailer, it includes a couple of surprises. ...Read More

Small Star Wars: Battlefront Teaser Video Hidden at The End of Today’s The Force Awakens Trailer

Today the second teaser of Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been released, but even if you don’t care about the movie (seriously, what’s wrong with you?) there’s something about Star Wars: Battlefront in there. ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront’s Absolutely Badass Stormtrooper Image Revealed; it’s a Rendered In-Game Asset (UPDATED)

Electronic Arts has been teasing the picture of a Stormtrooper from Star Wars: Battlefront for a few days on its Instagram account, and with the latest post the image is finally complete. ...Read More