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Namco Bandai Bringing Xevious and Sky Kid Back as Webcomics, Could Lead to Games

Xevious is a game I hold fond memories of as a child, as it was one of the signs that you were in a good arcade. Everybody had ...Read More

Sneek Peek at Fallout: New Vegas’s Graphic Novel on iTunes

Excited about the release of Fallout: New Vegas? Well, so am I, so to get to all of us fans more amped for its ...Read More

Dead Space Graphic Novel and Animated Feature Debuted at Comic-Con

Just announced today at Comic-Con 2010 are two new products coming out of the Dead Space franchise. Dead Space Aftermath is ...Read More

Hit the Wasteland With Fallout: New Vegas’ Graphic Novel

With Fallout: New Vegas right around the corner and everybody revealing their collectors edition goodies, Bethesda has taken this opportunity to give ...Read More

Focus Home Interactive and Pendulo Studios Reveals “The Next BIG Thing”

Graphically and fundamentally carrying on the legacy of the adventure game trilogy Runaway, The Next BIG Thing is an adventure game filled with pop ...Read More