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Humble Jumbo Bundle 3 Now Available; Name Your Price for Always Sometimes Monster, Four Copies of Insurgency and More

Humble Bundle is up to its bundling ways once again, offering the stuffed to the brim Humble Jumbo Bundle 3 for two weeks only. ...Read More

VGX Nominated Games are Now on Sale through Steam

In honor of Spike TV’s VGX (formerly know as the Video Game Awards) tonight, Steam has announced a sale for some of the nominated games. A total of ...Read More

Intel Holds a Giveaway for Free Copies of GRID 2 on Facebook

Who doesn’t like the chance to receive free stuff? Especially if its a free video game. Want a chance to win a free Steam copy of Codemasters’ racing ...Read More

Wreck Cars In Grid 2’s Much Requested (And Free) Demolition Derby Mode

Codemasters have announced that the much requested Demolition Derby Mode is now available for Grid 2, and it’s free. ...Read More

Drive At Your Best With Grid 2’s Peak Performance Pack

The most recent of Grid 2‘s DLC packs, the Peak Performance Pack comes with three customized U.S. Muscle cars and three tuned European classics, all shown off in ...Read More

Grid 2 Drift Pack Slides Onto Consoles With New Trailer

Codemasters’ Grid 2 has some more DLC coming your way, this time with The Drift Pack. The Drift Pack includes four special edition cars that have been piloted ...Read More

Review: Grid 2

No matter the genre, most games have one underlying concept that nearly ties them all together: the idea that you are in the digital shoes of another character, ...Read More

Grid 2’s Super Modified Pack Releases Today With Four Super-Tuned Cars

For all of you having trouble rising through the ranks of Grid 2‘s single or multiplayer campaigns, the Super Modified Pack–which you can see below in the trailer–include ...Read More

Grid 2 Blazes Out A Launch Trailer

Codemasters’ Grid 2 is now out worldwide, and so comes the obligatory launch trailer… just that this one is full of awesome cars racing around the world. ...Read More

Grid 2’s Mono Edition Is The Most Expensive Game, EVER

Codemasters’ Grid 2 has just broken a Guinness World Record today. Their $190,000 Grid 2: Mono Edition has officially destroyed whatever record preceded it, offering not only a ...Read More

Grid 2’s IndyCar Racing Pack Races Onto The Scene

A Best Buy preorder exclusive, Grid 2‘s newest video–which you can view below–shows off the IndyCar Racing Pack, a special edition DLC that allows gamers to race around the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway Circuit. ...Read More

Help Codemasters By Sharing Your Music Preferences

For those of you who like to have a particular listening experience while gaming, Codemasters needs you to speak up. Right now, the creators of the upcoming

Grid 2’s LiveRoutes System Changes The Track As You Play

The LiveRoutes system was briefly touched upon in my first hands-on preview of Codemasters’ upcoming Grid 2 game, and then I actually got to try it ...Read More

Hands-On Preview: Grid 2’s Multiplayer & Race.Net

The last time I sat down with Codemasters to get a look at their upcoming racer, Grid 2, not much could be said about the multiplayer. ...Read More

GRID 2 Gameplay Trailer Highlights BMW ‘M’ Series

GRID 2 is looking to sport an impressive combination of tracks and cars. Featured in its latest trailer are cars from the manufacturer, BMW, specifically these:

BMW E30 ...Read More

Grid 2 Trailer Takes World Series Racing into Europe

Codemasters have unveiled their second in their series of “World Series Racing” trailers, messages from Grid 2‘s WSR founder, Patrick Callahan. ...Read More

Grid 2 Trailer Introduces World Series Racing: The UFC of Racing

What if a Dana White-like pioneer decided to create a league of racers–from all disciplines and nations–for some kind of international racing federation?

Welcome to World Series Racing. ...Read More

Hands-On Preview: Grid 2

Be Fast, Be First, Be Famous


When I sat down to demo Grid 2 with Iain Smith and Ross Gowing–the producer and senior games designer ...Read More

Take Racing To The Road And Around the Globe With Grid 2’s Newest Trailer


Take a look at Grid 2‘s newly unveiled locations with Codemasters’ newest trailer (which you can see below), including the Red Bull Ring track in Austria, the ...Read More

Burn Rubber Around The World With Grid 2’s Brand New Teaser Trailer

If you’ve been burning to see some new Grid 2 footage, then look no further than the cars burning rubber in the newest trailer from Codemasters (and some ...Read More

Grid 2 Races on Streets in New Trailers

Codemasters has released some new trailers that show off the gameplay in Grid 2. ...Read More

GRID 2 Driving into Homes Next Year

Codemasters has announced that they will be releasing GRID 2 next year. GRID 2 will make use of the EGO Game Technology Platform. ...Read More