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Gearbox Wants To Know How Much You Want The Homeworld Franchise; HD Collector’s Edition May Be Coming

You may remember that way back in February, as THQ was selling off its property, the classic Relic Entertainment RTS franchise Homeworld was put up for ...Read More

More Information on Homeworld and Homeworld 2 HD Remakes by Gearbox Surfaces

At the Gearbox Community Day some more information was shared about the HD remakes of the classic Homeworld and of its sequel, Homeworld 2. ...Read More

Gearbox Promises HD Remakes of Homeworld and Homeworld 2, Original Versions Heading to Digital Distribution

During a panel at PAX Australia Gearbox Software just announced something that will make veteran PC gamers quite happy: the company is planning to release high definition remakes ...Read More

Blackbird Interactive Officially Passes The Torch To Gearbox Software on Homeworld IP Acquisition

In what must have been an emotional moment for the former Relic Entertainment members at Blackbird Interactive, Gearbox Software recently acquired their former IP, the critically acclaimed and ...Read More