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343 Industries Clarifies Xbox Store Listing for Halo 3: ODST Release Date was a Placeholder, Final Testing Still Continues

Grab Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Alien: Isolation, and More in This Week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold

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From Microsoft to Sony and the Studios Behind Call of Duty, Here’s How Developers Honor Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, and many Americans celebrate and remember those that fell serving their country in the Armed Forces. ...Read More

New Screenshots for Xbox Indie Title Slain Released

Andrew Gilmour shared a few GIFs of upcoming Xbox One indie game Slain on Twitter. Slain is a two dimensional action RPG with a pixelated art style by ...Read More

New Xbox One System Software Update Available to Preview Members; Fixes Issues with Ryse and More

While the first June System Software Update for the Xbox One was made available to everyone today, those that are part of the first wave just ...Read More

Xbox One June System Software Update Now Available to All Preview Members as Second Wave Deploys

A few days ago we mentioned that June’s Xbox One system software update would be made available to preview members in two waves. ...Read More

Microsoft Teases Unannounced Surprises for Xbox FanFest at E3: “We’re Gonna Hook You Up”

This year at E3 Microsoft is holding a rather interesting Xbox FanFest event, and in the latest episode of his podcast, Xbox Live Director of Programming ...Read More

Microsoft Teases “BIG” E3 Announcements for Xbox One System Software; New Patch Launched in Preview

Microsoft announced the features of the June update of the Xbox One system software for preview members yesterday, but the first patch is somewhat smaller, as ...Read More

Microsoft Pushes Xbox One Sales in Japan With $41 Discount Just in Time for Psycho-Pass

The Xbox One hasn’t exactly performed in a stellar way in Japan, selling just over 50,000 units since last September, but Microsoft isn’t giving up. ...Read More

Save on Dragon Age: Inquisition, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, and More in This Week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold

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PS4 and Xbox One Combined Have Sold 34 Million Units, 110 Million by 2019, According to Take-Two

During the Take-Two financial conference call for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2015, the publisher announced estimates for combined sales of PS4 and Xbox One. ...Read More

Microsoft Store Offering Xbox One’s Top-Selling Games for 25% Off in New Sale

With the summer months on the way and new game releases on the way, if you’ve been looking to catch up on some of this and last year’s ...Read More

Candy Crush Saga Preloaded onto Windows 10 Devices

Candy Crush Saga will be included with all purchases of Windows 10 when it releases this fall. Like Solitaire, Minesweeper, and Hearts, Candy Crush Saga will now be ...Read More

Xbox One Defeats PS4 in the US in April After Long Sony Domination According to NPD

The PS4 has dominated hardware sales in the US for quite a while, but according to research firm NPD, this time it’s Microsoft’s turn to hoist the green flag on the highest pole. ...Read More

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Isn’t Worried About Going With the First Conference at E3 2015

Many have argued that Sony played off Microsoft’s conference at E3 2013 in order to increase the impact of the PlayStation 4 presentation, yet Phil Spencer doesn’t seem ...Read More

Microsoft Reveals Plans for E3 2015; Press Conference Time, Xbox FanFest, and Daily Video Show Announced

With just about a month to go until the highly-awaited E3 2015, Microsoft has lifted the lid on what it will be bringing to the table in this ...Read More

Destiny at 50% Off on Xbox One, Xbox 360 Headlines This Week’s Deals With Gold

Only one week is left between fervent players and the latest content expansion for Destiny, the “House of Wolves” expansion, and if you’ve yet to jump in and ...Read More

Did You Know Gaming? Wii Episode Showcases Microsoft and Sony’s Denial of Motion Controls

The newest episode of Did You Know Gaming? is now up on YouTube and features the Wii, Nintendo’s hit console in 2006. A majority of the video is ...Read More

Xbox One System Software Gets Third Preview Update in Three Days

The software team at Microsoft is working quite hard on the Xbox One system software, and today they released the third update in three days. ...Read More

New Xbox One System Software Update Preview Fully Fixes Multiplayer and Party Issue

After yesterday’s update that fixed multiplayer issue for Ryse: Son of Rome, Microsoft just issued another preview version of the Xbox One system software, solving the problems that ...Read More

New Xbox One May System Software Update Preview Partly Solves Multiplayer and Party Issues

If you are a Xbox One preview update member and recently had problems with joining a multiplayer match or initiating a party chat, help is on the way. ...Read More

Hideo Kojima May No Longer Be Working on Silent Hills, But Goat Simulator is Giving Him a Thank You Credit Anyway

Following a turbulent past few weeks between Konami and Hideo Kojima and unclear answers of his departure from the company, sadly one of the most unfortunate casualties of ...Read More

Xbox’s Phil Spencer Pledges Presence at Gamescom; Comments on Sony Skipping Conference

Today we learned that Sony is skipping its conference at Gamescom to host a media briefing at Paris Games Week, and Xbox Division Head Phil Spencer ...Read More

Celebrate Spring With Forza Horizon 2’s Alpinestars Car Pack

Time to take out the convertible for a spin. The weather is nicer, why not check out the Alpinestars car pack for Forza Horizon 2. Just in time ...Read More

Goat Simulator Heads to the Zombie Apocalypse in New DLC Coming This Week, GoatZ

Last year, developer Coffee Stain Studios unleashed carnage in the form of Goat Simulator to unsuspecting players across the world, and after briefly diving into the world of ...Read More

Xbox UK Releases Four Xbox One Controller “Concepts” Just in Time for Star Wars Day

In a day that has the Internet ablaze with Star Wars references for “May the 4th Be With You,” the official national Star Wars day honoring everyone’s favorite ...Read More

New Xbox One System Software Update Available for Preview Members; Fixes Wireless Display App

Microsoft just made a new version of the May Xbox One system software update available to preview members, and this time around it fixes an issue that users ...Read More

Rare Likely to Showcase Their New Game with Microsoft at E3 2015

After tweeting congratulations to Playtonic on their successful Kickstarter project Yooka-Laylee, Simon Woodroffe responded to fan tweets that Gregg Mayles would announce his new project at E3 2015. ...Read More

Xbox One Friend List and Social Services Go Down Again as Xbox Live Stutters (UPDATED)

Things have been slightly bumpy for Xbox Live users, as the friend list and social services on Xbox One and Xbox 360 have dropped once more, after repeated issues in the past couple of weeks. ...Read More

Xbox One May System Update Gets “Closer to Release” as New Build Launches for Preview Members

A new version of May’s Xbox One system software update has been released to preview members, and looks like this time around the public could get their hands on it earlier in the month. ...Read More