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EA Announces Mobile SimCity BuildIt

A mobile SimCity titled BuildIt is in development for mobile devices, publisher EA has announced. ...Read More

Origin’s 48-Hour Flash Sale Includes Titanfall for 40% Off and Many More

If you happen to be one of the few people who have yet to purchase Titanfall for PC, now is your chance. The PC version from ...Read More

SimCity Finally Gets an Offline Mode

Well, that took a while…. Fans of SimCity can finally officially play the game offline. ...Read More

ShockCast Ep. 157 – “Broken Agegate”

Well, that didn’t take too long. 14 days into the new year and the gaming industry has already experienced its first – albeit, slight – controversy. This week ...Read More

SimCity Will Soon be Playable Offline

Patrick Buechner, General Manager of Maxis Emeryville Studio, said in a blog post today that an upcoming patch for SimCity will allow gamers to play the game offline. ...Read More

SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow’s Launch Trailer is Hilariously Dystopian

SimCity‘s expansion Cities of Tomorrow will launch on November the 12th, and today Electronic Arts released its launch trailer. ...Read More

SimCity Finally Coming to Mac on August 29

August is looking good for Mac gamers. After several setbacks, SimCity is coming to Mac on August 29. EA Maxis announced the news on Twitter today. ...Read More

Former SimCity Creative Director Feels Always Online has “Potentially Huge” User Benefit

SimCity suffered from a number of launch woes due to the lacking level of preparedness of the servers that were supposed to support its always online nature, but ...Read More

SimCity Getting Fifth Major Update, Focused on Multiplayer and Regional Gameplay

While some of the most staunch critics of SimCity consider its multiplayer aspect like the worst blight on the franchise (and on humanity), today Maxis released the patch ...Read More

SimCity Turns into Theme Park With First Post-Release Paid DLC

Remember Bullfrog’s Theme Park? Starting today you can relive part of its magic in SimCity, thanks to its first post-release paid DLC (did anyone really doubt that they ...Read More

SimCity 4.0 Update Re-Enables Lost Features, Adds New Map

If you read my SimCity review, you already know that I was quite pleased with the game despite the launch problems and the widespread Internet rage. ...Read More

SimCity Coming to a Mac Near You in June, Free for Owners of the PC Version

Want to play SimCity on your Mac? Then good news are on the way, as Maxis just announced that the Mac OS version of its city building game ...Read More

Cheetah Speed Being Tested to Return to SimCity

Maxis just announced on the official SimCity forums that the Cheetah speed feature, that was removed after launch to improve server stability, is being tested this ...Read More

SimCity’s Traffic Gets Explained In Developer’s Blog

As I explained in my review of the game, traffic can be a hard nut to crack in SimCity, and either a glitch or bad road ...Read More

Review: SimCity

Ten years have passed since the release of of SimCity 4, while not many really consider SimCity Societies part of the franchise at all (for good reasons). Now ...Read More

SimCity Patch Addresses Traffic Problems

The way SimCity handled traffic was one of the major problems behind the launch of the game, with cars pretty much unable to work their way past a ...Read More

Here’s the List of Games You can Chose from for Your SimCity Troubles. Game Sells 1.1 Million Copies.

Whether SimCity gave you problems or not, Electronic Arts and Maxis are going to try to make it up to you with a free game. The list to ...Read More

SimCity’s Core Problem is “Almost Behind Us”

This morning Maxis Senior Vice President Lucy Bradshaw posted a message on the official SimCity blog, stating that the online woes that plagued the game for ...Read More

Electronic Arts Promises Free Game for SimCity Problems

SimCity is, in many ways, akin to a MMORPG, and like many MMORPGs it’s plagued by quite a few launch problems preventing many from thoroughly enjoying the game. ...Read More

New SimCity Clip Shows a City Shaped Like a Simoleon

The SimCity official livestreams are continuing daily and yesterday we saw members of the Maxis team building a city roughly shaped like a Simoleon (the franchise’s fictional currency, ...Read More

SimCity Gets a Tutorial Video Series, Starts With Street Density

SimCity is inexorably speeding towards the long-awaited return of the glorious franchise (since we all know that SimCity Societies did not exist) and Electronic Arts is continuing to release new assets to wet our appetite. ...Read More

New SimCity Videos Show the Casino City and Disaster City We All Built Together

Electronic Arts is having daily livestreams with members of the SimCity team playing the game and viewers voting on some important decisions. Yesterday the main dish was a ...Read More

New SimCity Video Q&A Brings in Will Wright

The release of SimCity is less than a week away, and quite a lot of perspective virtual Mayors are quite excited about it, but what about Will Wright, the man that started it all? ...Read More

New SimCity Interactive Website Lets You Vote on the Fate of Cities

Want a chance to play SimCity before release, kind of? The kicker is that you won’t actually be building the city, but you will be able to watch ...Read More

SimCity Gets a TV Commercial, Shows…Cities

SimCity is going to be released quite soon and aspiring virtual Majors are already cracking their knuckles (can’t say I’m not one of them). Today Electronic Arts released ...Read More

New SimCity Trailer Brings Superheroes and Villains to Your Virtual City

The Limited Edition of SimCity will include the Heroes And Villains pack, that will bring forth the adventures of super hero Maxis Man and super villain Dr. Vu, but what does it really entail? ...Read More

New SimCity Trailer Showscases the Digital Deluxe Edition

If you want your simulated city dressed in French, German or British style in the upcoming SimCity, you’ll need to get the digital deluxe edition, that includes the ...Read More

SimCity Beta Begins January 25th

EA has confirmed that the beta for SimCity will last for a short time, starting on January 25th and ending on January 28th. Those interested have until 6pm ...Read More

Confirmed: SimCity Has an Intro Video, You Can Watch it Here

Earlier today, publisher Electronic Arts released a video of what players will see when they first log in to the upcoming time-suck known as SimCity. The video is ...Read More

New SimCity Screnshot Shows that Dirty Land Doesn’t Sell Well

One of the things i love the most of the upcoming SimCity are the beautiful gradient maps that represent the new way of showing a whole array of ...Read More