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Sony Takes PlayStation on a Trip with Road to Greatness Tour; Coming to More than Two Dozen US Live Events This Summer

With spring finally in full bloom and summer not that far around the corner, Sony is set to make this summer a special one for PlayStation fans by ...Read More

ESL and 2K to Host $100,000 Evolve Xbox One Tournament in June, Qualifying Rounds Start April 26th

ESL and 2K Games will be partnering together to host a $100,000 Evolve tournament for Xbox One this coming June. Online qualifying rounds will begin on April 26th in the US and Europe. ...Read More

Grab a New PS4, Headset, The Last of Us: Remastered, Three Months of PS Plus, and a Gift Card in Dell’s Console Bundle for $400

While traditionally consumer holidays like Black Friday and the holiday shopping season host some of the craziest deals in games and game accessories, good deals on new consoles ...Read More

Take a Trip to the World of the Mad in New Gameplay Trailer for Mad Max

The long-awaited Mad Max: Fury Road is just a few weeks away, and while the video game taking players into the world of the Mad is still a ...Read More

Get Your Batcomputers Ready; PC System Specifications Revealed for Batman: Arkham Knight

With just about two months to go until the epic conclusion of the Dark Knight’s adventures in Batman: Arkham Knight, you can start adjusting your rigs and start ...Read More

Get a Sneak Peek at Destiny’s House of Wolves Expansion in New Trailer Ahead of Reveal Today

After the first expansion to Bungie’s long-awaited Destiny released back in December, “The Dark Below,” fans that have been looking to head back out in the galaxy with ...Read More

Face Your Nemesis and Grab Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor for $20 from Best Buy

Garnering critical acclaim from numerous outlets and claiming several crowns as “Game of the Year” in 2014, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor combined addictive, versatile combat with its unique ...Read More

If Bloodborne Wasn’t Already Hard Enough for You, Watch This Player Beat the Game with a Rock Band Controller

After releasing at the end of last month, players of Bloodborne have endlessly found humiliation, defeat, and ultimately, triumph in defeating many of the game’s most difficult adversaries ...Read More

Watch the Full Guitar Hero Live Reveal Event, Featuring Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance

The return of the Guitar Hero franchise as Guitar Hero Live was certainly a surprising announcement during its first revealed in a special New York City event. ...Read More

Gear Up for the Hunt with New Bloodborne Memorabilia Including T-Shirts, Artwork, and a Special Hunter Statue

After several weeks of fighting bosses, discovering secret passages, and unfortunately, encountering all sorts of vile and humiliating death, Bloodborne has become a hugely successful new title on ...Read More

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture Coming This Summer; See the PS4 Exclusive’s Haunting New Trailer

As some of the PS4’s most anticipated titles like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End have been unfortunately pushed back to next year, one of the console’s most intriguing ...Read More

PC Users Reporting Issues with Streaming Install Feature of Mortal Kombat X on Steam

After a much-anticipated wait, the cries of “FINISH HIM” and “FATALITY” can be heard all over this week as Mortal Kombat X is unleashed to the masses, though ...Read More

It’s Time to Shred Again; Guitar Hero Live Returns to the Stage in Fall 2015

After rumors and a teaser video seemed to drop a pretty big hint, Activision is taking up its guitars and dusting them off for another round of ...Read More

Rockstar Games Addresses Issues with Windows Usernames During Installation of Grand Theft Auto V on PC

After several delays have kept fans waiting for months after its initially-planned release in January, Grand Theft Auto V has released today on PC – however, not all ...Read More

Star Wars: Battlefront to Be Playable First on Xbox One Through EA Access

Bungie Announces No Raids for Destiny’s “House of Wolves,” Releases List of Events Leading Up to Launch

Bungie announced on their official site today that the House of Wolves event for Destiny will not include raids. This news comes on the heels of the prologue’s release earlier. ...Read More

Gear Up for More Exploring, Guardians; Destiny’s House of Wolves Expansion Coming in May

After players in Destiny were able to conquer the challenges waiting in the title’s previous expansion, “The Dark Below,” the long-awaited second expansion and final installment of the ...Read More

Yacht Club Games Details Kratos’ Appearance in Shovel Knight on PS4, PS3, and PS Vita

At the end of last year during the first-ever PlayStation Experience event, Yacht Club Games not only revealed the appearance of the critically-praised Shovel Knight on PS4, PS3, ...Read More

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Ships Over One Million Copies Worldwide, Square Enix Thanks Fans for Support

Last month, Final Fantasy fans got a double-dose of RPG goodness thanks to Square Enix’s one-two punch of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and the included demo of Final ...Read More

Bethesda Hints at the Return of Nazi Zombies in New Teaser for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Last month, Bethesda Softworks surprised fans of the sleeper hit Wolfenstein: The New Order with the announcement that a standalone prequel title is on the way this ...Read More

For One Day Only, Grab Mortal Kombat X with Goro Pre-Order Bonus and 2011’s Mortal Kombat on PC for $45

In just over a week, the infamous cry of “FINISH HIM!” will be heard all over the world with the release of Mortal Kombat X, and if you’re ...Read More

Batman, The Wizard of Oz, Back to the Future, and More Coming Together in New LEGO Title, LEGO Dimensions

With amiibo, Skylanders, and Disney Infinity all setting the standard for bringing NFC figurines to life through games, the only logical next step would be LEGO figurines – ...Read More

The Wait is Nearly Over; Grand Theft Auto V Now Available for Pre-Loading on PC

After several delays keeping fans waiting for more looting and shooting, Grand Theft Auto V is only just one week away from release, and for those that have ...Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Bloodborne

As one of the most-anticipated new releases for the PS4 this year, many have already celebrated the release of Bloodborne in the best way they know – scouring ...Read More

Mortal Kombat X’s Launch Trailer Promises a Brutal and Exciting Return to Fight

After weeks of new character reveals and exciting looks at the game’s story mode and brutal Fatalities, Mortal Kombat X is just one week away and a new ...Read More

Here’s Your Last Chance to Pick Up the Hotline Miami 2 Collector’s Edition Vinyl Soundtrack

Launching after a much-anticipated wait in March, Devolver Digital and Dennaton Games’ brutal Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number boasted a particular killer soundtrack, and if you’re looking for ...Read More

Rockstar Games Punishing GTA Online Players for Rare Car Exploit in the Best Way Possible: By Blowing Them Up

Coming off the heels of its release for the long-awaited Heists in Grand Theft Auto Online, a recent exploit found by players allowing users to import a rare ...Read More

Against All Odds, Watch This Bloodborne Player Beat the Game as the Waste of Skin Class, Without Leveling Up, or Using Guns

Since its release last week, both seasoned Souls series players and first-time players have acknowledged alike that From Software’s latest creation, Bloodborne, is an incredibly challenging game – ...Read More

EA Hosting Playtest Sessions in North America Next Week for Early Hands-On Time with Star Wars: Battlefront

As one of the most elusive projects from EA at the moment aside from the impeding reveal coming this month at a special Star Wars celebration, EA ...Read More

After Six Years in Service, Sony Officially Closes the Doors on PlayStation Home

Originally launched back in 2008 for the PS3, Sony’s PlayStation Home service opened its doors for an online social experience allowing players to interact and and meet friends ...Read More