Tecmo Koei is Primed to Engage the Wii 2 and NGP

on May 13, 2011 8:00 PM

Tecmo Koei is Primed to Engage the Wii 2 and NGP

Prominent Japanese publisher Tecmo Koei has revealed some of its plans for tackling future consoles like Sony’s NGP and the “Project Cafe” Wii successor from Nintendo. They’ve already made headway on the Nintendo 3DS with the release of Samurai Warriors: Chronicles which has so far sold over two-hundred thousand copies. They’ll tap that again when the highly anticipated Dead or Alive: Dimensions drops later this month.

CEO of the company, Yoichi Erikawa, believes that it is their duty to have hot, new titles ready for release at the same time as the new hardware, and they don’t plan on changing that. Additionally, plans on continued takeover of the 3DS are in motion as Yoichi rightly views the handheld as well of potential and profitability. In other words, as a solid, money making opportunity. If other publishers mirror TK’s behavior, then we should be in for some pretty exciting console launches.


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