TGS 2013: Surge Concerto: Ciel Nosurge Official Website Turns into Teaser for a Possible Sequel

on September 20, 2013 3:32 AM

After the appearance of a very mysterious teaser video at Sony’s booth at Tokyo Game Show, the official site of Gust’s PS Vita exclusive Surge Concerto: Ciel Nosurge was turned into what seems to be a very elaborate teaser site.

The site’s graphical elements and text collapse out of the screen to reveal a terminal that prompts you to input a series of commands. Unfortunately the code seems extremely difficult to crack (if it’s even possible) and it’s all in Japanese, but it definitely seems that things are building up for something interesting at Gust.

Most possibly we’re looking at a sequel of the lovely looking life simulation. Unfortunately the first never made it to the west, but we can always hope. If you manage to crack the code, please do let us know.



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