TGS 2013: Take a Close Look at Soul Sacrifice Delta Played on the PS Vita TV and the New PS Vita in Two Videos

on September 24, 2013 3:08 PM

Soul Sacrifice Delta was one of the games available at the Tokyo Game Show PlayStation booth to showcase the new PS Vita TV. Even more interestingly, the demo was done with the PS Vita TV and three PCH-2000 PS Vitas at the same time.

In the videos below, courtesy of Gamejima, you can check out how the game looks on a big screen and recorded in high resolution. The relevant part of the first video starts at the two minutes mark, where we can catch a very close glimpse on the new pink and black vita, leading to the splash screen of the game. The second video is basically all juicy gameplay.

I have to say that the game looks really good upscaled to 1080i on the big screen. We can only hope to hear an announcement about the western release of the PS Vita TV soon.

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