The Classic But Oft Criticized Mega Man IV Comes to Nintendo’s 3DS eShop

on May 15, 2014 6:30 PM

Nintendo released Mega Man IV for the 3DS’s Virtual Console today, which was the fourth installment in the series and originally came out for the NES in 1991 for Japan, 1992 for North America and 1993 for Europe.

While the fourth entry in the famous franchise initially received positive scores and reception, many journalists today mark this game as the turning point in the series — in a bad way — the main reason being the Mega Buster feature. This new mechanic allowed Mega Man to charge his normal shot into a powerful blast, and it’s considered a game breaking one since it essentially rendered many of the Master Weapons useless.

Regardless of opinions, this title is still considered a classic. You can view the trailer below.

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