The Elder Scrolls Online Brings Back The Kwama from Morrowind

on July 3, 2013 4:06 PM

If you played The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind the Kwama need no introduction for you. If you didn’t, you’ll have your first chance to encounter them in The Elder Scrolls Online, as┬áZeniMax Online Studios is going to bring the nasty insectoids back in the upcoming MMORPG.

The Kwama will come in three different forms: Warriors, Scribs and Workers, and each of them comes with its peculiar attacks. Warriors, for instance, can pull massive boulders out of the ground and throw them at the players, while Workers can charge them and knock them back.

The most interesting aspect is that those attacks also work in synergy to become even more deadly. If a warrior pulls up a rock from the area a worker charged through, it will summon a swarm of scribs to make things even nastier.

Below you can see a gallery of Kwama artwork, and a trailer.

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