The Last of Us PS4 Player Count Overtakes PS3; Patch 1.01.005 Released to Solve Matchmaking Issues

on July 30, 2014 3:36 PM

The Last of Us Remastered seems to have launched very successfully, not only it shot to the top of the best sellers charts of Amazon’s storefronts all over the world, but its player count for the multiplayer overtook the PS3 version, as shared by Programmer Drew Thaler, who also gave us a nice glimpse on the game’s monitoring tools.

Unfortunately the high number of players (that’s still a rather nice problem to have, I guess) also brought to light issues with the multiplayer matchmaking, and Co-Founder Christophe Balestra admitted that it was taking  way too much time to find a match:

Luckily a patch is rolling out in order to solve the problems, as mentioned by Designer Robert Ryan. You’ll need to restart the game to install it. At the moment of this writing the patch still isn’t available for download, but it should come shortly.

While incurring into a few issues at the launch of a big game is definitely par for the course, it’s definitely nice to see that Naughty Dog is on the ball. It certainly didn’t take long to patch the problem.

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