The Mysterious and Beautiful Shop Owner Has Been Revealed; MIND≒0 Gets Several New Updates

on August 1, 2013 1:29 AM

MIND≒0 was released today in Japan, and it immediately got a patch numbered 1.01. In addition to the patch information we learn more about the mysterious woman who runs the Undertaker weapons shop.

“Undertaker” refers to both the shop and the shop owner. The weapons store lies between the physical world and the spiritual world and suddenly appears before the protagonists after a certain fateful event. Undertaker, the shop owner, is the one that sets up the contract between the characters and their MINDs. She speaks in vague hints and rarely do people know what she means.

The first batch of system updates have also been released for MIND≒0, which include: the ability to skip scenes, able to listen to the characters’ battle cries in the main menu, a shortcut function from the skill to item menu, the post-event battle load times have been sped up and other various bug fixes.

We also get two brand new wallpapers starring Kei and Leo, that you can find together with the artwork representing Undertaker in the gallery below.

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