The Order: 1886’s Gameplay Will Have the Same Quality as Cutscenes: New Story Details Revealed

on February 17, 2014 6:28 PM

Some more details have surfaced about The Order: 1886, thanks to a preview published by the french magazine Jeux Vidéo.

According to the magazine Ready at Dawn gave the same level of quality and graphical detail to the upcoming title’s gameplay and cutscenes. There’s no difference in the models and textures used.

In addition to this, we also learn more about the story, adding some missing pieces to what we already knew. Apparently the knights of the order can live a long life and regenerate thanks to a substance called “Black Water.” According to Ready at Dawn’s Co-Founder Ru Weerasurya, it’s both a blessing and a curse, as it’s unnatural and causes those that drink it to become a bit less human. He also teased the possibility of a link with the legend of the Graal.

We also learn that there will be several different kinds of enemies. Players will be able to face them all with the same approach if they so wish, but it’ll be advantageous to change tactics depending on what enemies they’ll be fighting, especially in hand to hand, in order to exploit the weaknesses of each kind.

One thing is for sure: the more I read and hear about The Order: 1886, the more interesting it sounds. PS4 users around the world seem to be in for a treat.

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