The Second Behind the Scenes Trailer for Infinite Crisis Looks at DC Multiverse Designs

on September 5, 2013 3:15 PM

Infinite Crisis developers discuss the intricacies of the DC Multiverse, as well as the various design and gameplay choices for the characters and worlds they inhabit, in the second behind-the-scenes trailer.

The developers state that what makes the Multiverse so intriguing is the idea of these alternate versions of superheroes–the darker versions, the idealistic versions–reflecting the originals like mirrors. They also talk about the difficulty of taking such iconic characters and transferring them into a video game. The trademark characteristics had to be maintained while keeping each character balanced. An example of this is Green Lantern, the man who can create anything with his mind and ring. Infinite Crisis can’t have him create anything he wants for obvious reasons, so the trick was to give him constructs that properly represented him without giving him too much power.

The behind-the-scenes trailer has been posted below. You can still sign up for the closed beta here, and remember to read up on all of our Infinite Crisis news.

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