The Voting for Skullgirls’ 5th and Final DLC Fighter Has Commenced

on May 6, 2013 8:40 PM

The mystical and shapely Eliza emerged as the most popular character in the fan vote for the fourth character to be developed for Lab Zero’s Skullgirls. The fifth and final fighter to be added to the game will also be decided by fan vote, and supporters who contributed Lab Zero’s successful fundraiser can now cast their votes for this character. Any fighter in the original pool of 31 is eligible for votes. My favorite character – B. Dahlia – didn’t make it out of the top 16 in the first character vote, so hopefully she has a shot a winning this time.

The rules of the vote don’t seem to have changed much, but Lab Zero says they’ll be using a “faster, ranking system-based vote” – which I assume means at the very least that fans will have less time to cast their votes. So get casting!

[Art by emlan]

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