Titanfall Direct Feed Alpha Gameplay Video Shows Weapons, Options and a Lot of Action

on January 18, 2014 3:58 PM

A new video from the alpha of Titanfall has surfaced, giving a great overview on the weapons and equipment options of soldiers and titans, not to mention a glimpse on a lot of frantic action. As an added bonus the video is direct feed and the game is played by someone that can actually hit something, which is surprisingly rare in leaked videos of unreleased games.

You can check it out below, courtesy of Fast Kill Squad. Remember that this is an alpha technical test, not a demo, so the graphics and gameplay you’ll be seeing aren’t representative of the final product. Take it as a partial glimpse on the future for those that didn’t get invited and nothing more.

Update: the original video has since been removed from Facebook, but below you can find an alternative upload of the same clip.

Update 2: A second clip has also been added courtesy of Shyakuguan. (Thank’s PS360HD for the tip!)

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