The Division has “Endless Gameplay”, Might Get More Locations or Cities as DLC if There’s Demand

on June 25, 2013 9:45 AM

Tom Clancy’s The Division is already based in an immense open world rendition of New York, and we can expect a whole lot of gameplay from our purchase as producer Fredrik Rundqvist stated in an interview to VG24/7:

We designed the game to be endless gameplay. It’s hundreds, if not thousands of hours of gameplay that we hope people will enjoy.

While the available map space seems to be already quite large, Ubisoft doesn’t necessarily plan to stop there:

The game is based in New York now, but if there’s demand, we’re going to keep on building.

From what he said, it seems that Massive Entertainment is considering adding different cities to the game, or at least more locations. Where would you like to see “The Division” go? Personally, I would definitely enjoy some overseas location as well as North American ones. While the main plot of the game is based in the US, it’d be cool to see what happened to the rest of the world.

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