Two New Non-MIND Users, More Screenshots and a Trailer Debut for MIND≒0

on July 23, 2013 1:13 AM

Two more non-MIND users have just been revealed in MIND≒0‘s latest update–Hiroaki Kamata and Nobuhiko Watanabe–along with a few more screenshots and a new trailer. MIND≒0 will be released in Japan on August 1st for PS Vita.

Hiroaki Kamata is a 50 year old veteran detective from the government police force known as the MIND Control Unit. He’s a bit aloof but takes care of others surprisingly well. He is also well-regarded by his subordinates. Kamata was investigating the MIND case, which was designated by the government as a “drug” case, when he came across the protagonist and his friends. Afterward he begins to doubt the MIND case and starts seeking the truth behind it.

Nobuhiko Watanabe is a low ranking detective in the MIND Control Unit and works directly under Kamata as one of his men. Watanabe is laid back, a bit moody, nonchalant and works at his own pace. He’s still very inexperienced as an officer and frequently angers Kamata but they have a great student-teacher relationship.

There’s also a new trailer that features all of the revealed MIND users so far, including what looks to be the antagonist of the game.

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