Video Game Created to Ease Burn Victim Pain

on February 1, 2011 7:30 AM

Video Game Created to Ease Burn Victim Pain

Who would have thought a video game can actually help people? SnowWorld was a game created to help burn victims by taking their mind off the pain and focus on the goal of the game rather than watching what the doctors are doing. Watching the video on the BBC News site, the game looks fairly simple yet you can understand why focusing on something like SnowWorld would help them get through painful activities by neither seeing or hearing what the doctors are doing.. It was created by Professor Hunter Hoffman and Professor David Patterson from the University of Washington Harberview Burn Centre in Seattle. SnowWorld has players throwing snowballs at snowmen and penguins from a first person shooter perspective, which seems really simple but has been said to be more immersive than music or movies.

I like how both of these professors understand how video games can be made for good things that actually help people. I’m sure creating video games that helps bring patients minds from pain can be used in more ways than just burn victims. With all the flack the media gives video games, gamers can smile when they see stories like this on how they actually help people in a positive way.


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