Wakfu Spolights the Furry Classes

on March 22, 2012 5:45 PM

Square-Enix published a few more class videos to show off the fuzzier side of Wakfu. Meet the Ecaflips and the Pandawas, two of the many races featured in the game.  The class, Ecaflip’s Coin, focuses around combat left to chance at the roll of the dice.

Quite literally, the dice images and numbers are used in many of the attacks. There are also creative attacks that use a deck of playing cards to fit their motto, “Game if you are…”

The Pandawa’s Pint class is based around some very in-shape pandas. Not at all like other panda models we might see later in another certain MMO. They use Bamboo Milk to become stronger which fits their motto, “Drink and thrive.” Combat involves using their filled pints as pillars and focus points of the attacks. The style is obviously modeled after a more light-hearted version of drunken kung-fu.

See them both after the cut.

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