Watch 16 Hours of Killer is Dead Subtitled in English, From Start to End and then Some

on August 11, 2013 2:27 PM

Killer is Dead has been out in Japan for little more than a week, and even if it won’t be released in the west until August the 27th (on the 30th in Europe) we can already check out some gameplay.

Did I say “some” gameplay? I actually meant “all” the gameplay, thanks to Youtuber GamingHeroTetsuya that posted a whole playthrough of the game in normal mode, including all the submissions, challenges and gigolo missions, the story missions of a second walkthrough on the hard challenge level, and even the first mission on very hard. The hard playthrough is actually voiced in English, so you can compare the two tracks.

That’s a whole 74 clips for a total of 16 hours of gameplay, and it’s also subtitled in English letting us follow the dialogue. Of course you can watch the playlist below at your own risk, because it does include a lot of spoilers… As a matter of fact it includes all the spoilers. You’ve been warned.

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