Watch a Famous Footballer Try PlayStation VR on PS4, and the Most Pointless PlayStation VR Video Ever

on May 29, 2016 9:23 AM

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is one of the main sponsors of UEFA Champions League, so yesterday’s final in Milan had a lot of PlayStation stuff going on, including demonstrations of PlayStation VR at the UEFA Champions Festival.

Today the house of PlayStation released a trailer showing off the PlayStation VR Nissan GT-R 360 Experience available at the show… or not really.

All the video shows is a dude (who happens to be former footballer Ruud Gullit, accompanied by fellow Hasan Salihamidžić) that puts on the headset, waves his head around a bit, and says “oh my God.”

Personally, I understand the traction provided by celebrities, but all we see of the actual experience is a small screen on the background for literally one second.

Luckily, things get a little better with the second video, with Gullit that actually gets to play Headmaster, which he should be fairly familiar with, and The London Heist.

We don’t see much in terms of gameplay, but at least it’s something. Luckily for Gullit, the headset appeared to be more firmly attached to his head than it was when I tried Headmaster myself. Believe me, that may prove to be a problem.

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