Watch Serah and Noel vas Normandy in Action in this Final Fantasy XIII-2 Mass Effect DLC Trailer

on March 22, 2012 5:30 PM

Final Fantasy XIII-2 has some Mass Effect-inspired wardrobe content for Serah and Noel. This much you know. But today we’ve got video from Square-Enix that shows just what Serah and Noel would look like as crew members of the Normandy. Yes, these suits are skin-tight. What else do you expect?

I won’t lie: It’s a bit strange to see folks in N7 jumpsuits sans assault rifles or futuristic shotguns. Then again, that’s the least of my concerns with this DLC. We’ve got the trailer embedded after the jump. Fair warning, there are a few key story scenes contained therein, so you might want to stay away if you haven’t played XIII-2 yet. The N7 costumes will be available March 27 — that’s five days from now — on both the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store.

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