Watch The Order: 1886 Like You’ve Never Seen it Before, The Witness and More in Siggraph Trailers

on July 31, 2015 3:43 PM

I’m quite sure most of you have seen The Order: 1886 in its default incarnation. Maybe you’ve even explored its world with the photo mode, but if you want to see it in motion with a completely different camera, exposing the changing lighting that gives its cinematics their atmospheric look, you’d have to get access to the developer-only debug mode.

That’s exactly what’s shown in one of the trailer from Siggraph 2015, the technical conference for developers that will be held between August 9th and August 13th in Los Angeles.

In the second trailer, we can get a glimpse on Jonathan Blow’s The Witness and even on the result of the “Build of Your Own Game Controller” Studio course.

To give a little bit more insight on what you’re seeing of The Order: 1886, you might want to check out our interview with Andrea Pessino. He explained that implementing full photo mode during cutscenes was a challenge, because the ability to change the camera angle would have exposed the lighting tricks used to give them more cinematic impact, and that’s exactly what’s shown here.

Check both out below.

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