Watch_Dogs Might Get a Release Date and a Trailer Very Soon, as Leaked by Official PlayStation Site

on February 26, 2014 6:57 AM

Today something very interesting appeared on the official PlayStation competitions website. To be more specific, it was a link to a “new trailer” that should include the release date for Watch_Dogs, as discovered by Twitter user TuCk, relayed by NeoGaf user Ekim.

As you can see in the picture at the bottom of this post, the text accompanying the trailer was:

Watch_Dogs is on its way…

Find out the release date in this new trailer.

The box has now been removed, but it’s still possible to see it via Google cache (at least until Google refreshes it).

Most probably someone pressed a button too early, and then the box was hurriedly removed as soon as the mishap was discovered, but not before the internet registered its presence.

The announcement will very possibly come soon, though, as the game’s Product Manager David Thériault tweeted some rather teasing messages between yesterday and two days ago.

.Uploading Data. _/| #watchdogs

@xordbane Stay tuned _/| #verys**n

We don’t know when the trailer will actually be published, but of course we’ll keep you updated as soon as it happens.


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