Xbox LIVE Arcade Welcomes DOOM II

on May 26, 2010 11:20 AM

Xbox LIVE Arcade Welcomes DOOM II

DOOM II is now available for you to download on Xbox LIVE Arcade. One of the very few games that made me poop my pants back in the day is now back to haunt some of us with eerie pixelated monsters from hell. The downloadable game – which comes packed with 32 new levels, six new enemies, and a a never-before-seen bonus chapter – allows players to relive the experience in 5.1 Surround Sound, HD display, multi-player and co-op over XBL – a much fresher and more welcoming way to poop pants this generation.

If you’ve never experienced the world of DOOM, this might be a good chance (especially since it has received a “facelift”) to check out what us old-school gamers were exposed to back in the day. What Modern Warfare is to you guys, nowadays, is what DOOM was for us. The only difference, however, is that you weren’t allowed – by everything that is not the laws of physics – to raise your weapons up and down. Oh, and of course, “nicer” textures. But, hey, for 800 Microsoft Points, DOOM II is definitely worth it – at least for some nostalgic gameplay, and for some ass-kicking multiplayer.

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