Xbox One Titanfall Bundle and 13 Months of Xbox Live $450 at Target; Drops the Console’s Price Down to $330

on April 6, 2014 11:36 AM

The discounts and special offers on the Xbox One Titanfall bundles seem to see no end, and Target just came up with a new one, offering the bundle and 13 months (1 in the box, plus 12 extra) of Xbox Live Gold for $449.99.

This basically brings down the cost of the console to $330, counting the price of the game and of the Xbox Live Gold subscription ($59.99 each at Target). If you want to grab one, you can find it here. You need to add the item to your cart in order to see the discounted price.

It’s definitely hard to imagine a better offer less than five months after the release of a console. If you were on the fence about purchasing an Xbox One, this might tip you over.


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