“Mists of Pandaria” Trademarked by Blizzard – Next WoW Expansion Title?

By Chad Awkerman

August 3, 2011

While we’ll file this solidly under the “Rumor” category until proven otherwise, it is interesting that Blizzard recently trademarked the title “Mists of Pandaria”. As Warcraft lore aficionados know, Pandarans are a half-joke race of panda ninjas reminiscent of the lead character in Kung Fu Panda. There is little to no mention of them at all in World of Warcraft, aside from a vanity pet you can purchase exclusively through Blizzard’s store.

Now some pretty solid evidence comes along that the next expansion could deal with that race of characters directly. What’s interesting is that there is a numerical code attached to each trademark that is filed, which signifies the trademark’s “international class”. Only code “009” and code “041” have been used on electronic media and services from Blizzard in the past, and those are the exact two codes that appear on this filing, meaning that this most likely isn’t the title of a book or other print media, but is probably the title of some form of game or, in this case, expansion.

Again, this is just a rumor. It’s unlikely anything will be revealed from Blizzard directly until BlizzCon in October, at earliest.

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