10 More Reasons to Hold On to a Game

By Jon Ireson

March 24, 2010

Previously DualShockers brought you the Top 10 Reasons to Hold On to a Game. With compelling reasons like Online Multiplayer, Replay Value, Bragging Rights and more, most gamers genuinely agree that trading in games can be a mistake at times. Read on for 10 More Reasons to Hold On to a Game if you still aren’t convinced, or just want to take the next step in appreciating what your good old games have to offer for you.

Reason #1 is Originality. The uniqueness of a game is quite a good reason indeed to hold on to your games. Each game is normally a one of a kind experience; some games are diamonds in the rough that you only see once in a great while. There is no telling if another game will ever be the same. Examples of this largely depend on taste, but everyone has at least one game out there that will never be replicated the way they experienced it. Hold on to those ones especially tight!

Reason #2 is having a Combined Art Library. Video games are each a combined effort from many different types of art. The way visual art from 2D pixel art to full 3D textures to the architecture itself of the maps and character wire-frames, music, sound effects, voice acting, motion capture acting, and more come together to provide each experience is what makes this industry so fascinating. This is the fundamentals behind what make games so great. Holding on to games simply for the ability to browse through a library of such combined arts retains all of the knowledge to be learned from each game for as long as your disc or cartridge stays healthy.

Reason #3 is Level Editing, Community-based User Generated Content, and ‘Modding’ (on PC). Games like LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers introduce a new level of user generated content that drives a community so massive it feels like there will not be a new level to check out. Level editors in general add a lot of solid replay value and enhance the control over your game, which is great. Modifying games even further through modding, a technique on PC, games allows you take change virtually any aspect in the game. Even the console modding on  the PlayStation 3 edition of Unreal Tournament 3 can dramatically increase the longevity of a title and be a genius reason to hold on to it.

Reason #4 is Low Trade-in Values / High Value of Rare Classics. DualShockers’ own Josh Wright showed us recently that making holding on to a game and waiting until it’s rare to get rid of it can be very lucrative. A great reason to hold on to a game is when the trade-in value is not high enough for your liking. Better off to remember that a game experience can be replayed many times, your $4.50 for Tecmo Baseball only got to be spent once on that number nine with extra large box of freedom fries. Tasty sure, but just hearing the music from the game alone takes me back to simpler times when we played every game without a preconceived notion of what to expect.

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Reason #5 is having a Virtual Weapons Library. Many games have brought us amazing weapons. From unwinding time in TimeShift only to blast your opponent in the chest with the MagCannon, to chopping up enemy players online or aliens in co-op with the V7 Splicer in Resistance 2, holding on to your game keeps access to all of the weapons you have enjoyed in a game available at all times. For those days you really just need to burn the tar off some goombas in Super Mario Brothers there is nothing better than having that game to pull out any time you want.

Reason #6 is Leader boards / High Scores and Records. Making it to the top of a leader board can be a daunting task, so here is a tip for those out there trying to do such a thing. Start off when the game is first released. Focus on what you do best in the game whether it’s a particular map or stat leader board and stick to that. Hold on to the game to stay on top! In the past High Score lists was also a great way to extend play time which were basically like leader boards only without the massive internet. Eventually people have even set world records with their games! I find it hard to believe you will achieve a world record on any game you traded in.

Reason #7 is having a Concept Design Library. Concept design is everything from the overall premise of a game to the presentation, game play styles, user interface layouts, input methods, and beyond. These design aspects have become an instrument of the full game experience furthering the combination of so many different sciences, technologies, and all of this would be nothing without the creative concepts which continue to deliver new visions and bring each game to life.

Reason #8 is having a Library of Heroes / Enemies / Characters. If you are a gamer who has been playing for a while, and perhaps even some of you newcomers out there can relate to this, characters can sometimes have more powerful of an impact than anything else a game has to offer. Fans of characters from particular games because of their place in a storyline, their overall appeal, or by some other mysterious factors, have come to a sense of knowing that character. In many cases people will go out of their way to pick up a game just to see that character again. The fun doesn’t stop there. Holding on to your own games not only gives you access to heroes like Cloud McStrife from Final Fantasy VII but also will mean you get to revisit the nasty Lickers, Hunters, and Zombies of the Resident Evil series. I particularly find the enemies in Resident Evil 5 to be some of the most thought out enemy designs I’ve ever seen. Killing many of the enemies and bosses was like solving a puzzle, only with bullets and blood splatters! Holding on to your game means you can backtrack to any character be it good, evil, or indifferent.

Reason #9 is having a Library of Virtual Vehicles. Whether it’s racing in a Ferrari in games like Forza 3 and Gran Turismo 5, blowing stuff up with tanks in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 or screaming through the skies raining down explosive, fiery death on your foes in Warhawk, vehicles are awesome! Hold on to your games and you will never be short on whips to take out for a spin. Don’t forget the awesome hover-bike from the Jet Moto series! Drew would like to ride one in real life, but for now he must settle with holding on to his PlayStation One discs!

Reason #10 is Downloadable Content / Updates. This generation of gaming expansion packs has been reborn in the form of downloadable content. While we no longer have to spend so much on each addition to our game (for the most part), we are also getting these downloadable content releases very often. Games can be completely reborn sometimes with add-on content but in the least they extend replay value. Free updates have also become more than just a bug fix as now developers will often add very nice updates. Hold on to your game, because you never know when a new update or downloadable content will release for it that breathes new life into the game and gives you a more optimal experience!

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