10 Red Creature Locations in Genshin Impact For The Kurious Kamera

10 Red Creature Locations in Genshin Impact For The Kurious Kamera

Here's a quick guide to find 10 Red Creature locations in Genshin Impact to earn the daily Primogems and rewards of the ongoing Kurious Kamera event.

With the ongoing Kurious Kamera and Five Flushes of Fortune Event in Genshin Impact, you might have trouble finding some of the best locations for it, so here’s our quick guide on where to take find 10 red creature locations for the ongoing Event.

First of all, if you thought about cheating by taking pictures of red creatures and enemies inside Domains, I tried it out too. But it doesn’t work. Players can’t use the Kurious Kamera inside domains. However, there are several easy to reach red creature locations in Teyvat, we noted them down below with screenshots of the Genshin Impact map.

Here’s a quick way to find 10 red creature locations in Genshin Impact

You’ve got a group of Pyro Slimes and red Hilichurls at Windrise, right next to a Statue of the Seven, so you can easily teleport there. There are four monsters in total so that’s four photos out of ten.

Next, teleport to the Temple of the Lion. Right near the entrance, you have two more Pyro Slimes to take photos of. That’s six out of ten.

Next, teleport back to the Temple of the Lion and go down the cliff right slightly north of it. There’s one big Pyro Slime to catch here. That’s seven photos in total.

Lastly, open the Adventurer Book and look up the boss Pyro Regisvine. You’ve farmed that boss countless times at that point so you can easily reach it. You might remember that right when teleporting next to it, there are two fire Whopperflowers you’ll spot. These count as red creatures, so that’s two more photos. Next, go take a picture of the Pyro Regisvine, which also counts as a red creature. And you’re done. You have your ten photos now.

Remember that you can also exchange photos with players on your friendlist.

With Version 1.3, All That Glitter, Genshin Impact added several new events players can participate in. Be sure to check the time and dates of each one of them.

Version 1.3 also added new character Xiao, and deciding whether to try to pull on the Xiao gacha banner or not can be quite the hard choice.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Mobile, with a Switch version coming soon.