10 Things That Suck About UFC 2009 Undisputed

By Al Zamora

July 27, 2009

UFC 2009 Undisputed is probably one of my favorite games in a long time, but there are a few things that get me upset about the title. Here are my top ten things that make the game suck:

1. Disconnecting from online matches is perhaps the most frustrating thing since when it happens both players get a DNF instead of a win or loss, this typically happened when one player is a tool and is about to lose.
2. People exploiting the created character cheat to create characters with an overall Rating of 115.
3. People playing UFC like it is Fight Night. This game is supposed to be based on MMA; which means that grappling and fighting on the ground is a huge portion of the game.
4. Bad lag during online fights make some matches unplayable and very easy to be submitted.
5. A very linear career mode limits the single player aspect to pretty much creating characters in different weight classes.
6. Very limited create a character options. This is very surprising considering Yuke’s is the same company that made the Smackdown series, which has a very in depth character creation.
7. A lack of creating hybrid skill sets such as a Judo/BJJ or Boxing/Muay Thai; you pick one striking discipline and one grappling discipline. That’s it.
8. People playing UFC that have probably never watched an MMA match and complain when they get caught in a submission. Submissions are part of the game and so are transitions on the ground, if you have never watched an MMA fight please go watch one before you sound stupid online.
9. People modifying controllers in order to get submissions online. Apparently some gamers really want to win badly and will go as far as modifying hardware just to get submissions, pretty sad really.
10. Knowing that the developers held back in order to milk the series much like they have Smackdown. The game is great, but I already know that I can expect a re-hashed version every year with a bit more features added in.

Do you have any gripes?

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