10 Years of DualShockers

10 Years of DualShockers

From the site's early days to where we are now ten years later, thank you for helping to make what DualShockers is today.

A lot has happened in the last ten years, to say the least. In 2009, we were still in the days of the Xbox 360 (probably our third red-ringed one by that point), PS3, and Wii, the Mario Bros. had a brief stint at employment other than plumbing, and yes, video game movies were still (for the most part) pretty bad. But looking back on it all, there’s still so much to appreciate and enjoy from the world of video games in the past decade, and we’re grateful to have been able to be a part of it.

Today officially marks the tenth anniversary of DualShockers as a publication, from our very first news story on Uncharted 2, to our first published reviews: UFC 2009 Undisputed, Battlefield 1943, Ghostbusters: The Video Game, and NCAA Football 2010. Only the classics.

It’s safe to say that we’ve come a long way from 2009, and if you want proof of that, you can just take a look for yourself at what DualShockers originally looked like back then (courtesy of Wayback Machine):


That classy original logo notwithstanding, the site itself has gone through several other big changes over the years, including our most recent redesign this past December. We crossed over 1,000 game reviews, established a growing community on Discord, and partnered with Mixer. We’ve been able to bring show-floor coverage to you from E3, Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, PAX East, West, and South, New York Comic Con, and plenty of other shows and events in between.

But while the site has experienced plenty of changes in the past decade, what hasn’t changed is our motto: “Anything and Everything Gaming.”

Gaming is (and always will be) what’s at the heart of DualShockers, and over the years we’ve only continued to drive that passion even further. From covering the latest breaking stories, to reviewing the newest games, to features that expand on our favorite games in deeper ways, we thrive on covering everything that the gaming industry has to offer, including looking outward into the world of gaming culture, cosplay, fan art, and other gaming-related creations.

With all that being said, we here at DualShockers just want to take the opportunity on our tenth anniversary to say thank you to a number of people, far more than we could ever possibly list here in full (which easily numbers in the thousands).

Thank you to the game studios, publishers, developers, and creators that have not only driven our coverage, but also our immense passion for video games as a whole. Thank you to the PR teams, representatives, and personnel that have been invaluable resources in what we do. Thank you to the writers and staff members (both past and present) that have come through and provided their insights, perspectives, and guidance that have shaped DualShockers into what it is today.

And most of all, thanks to you, the reader. Thank you, and the entirety of our community, for your readership, your engagement, your feedback, and most of all, your support over the past decade. We look back with appreciation at everything that has come so far in the past ten years, and we look forward even more to the next ten.