1000 Top Rated, the ‘Fastest Platinum Trophy’ Game, Pulled From PlayStation Store by Sony

1000 Top Rated, the ‘Fastest Platinum Trophy’ Game, Pulled From PlayStation Store by Sony

Top Themes, the Devs of the 'fastest platinum trophy' game 1000 Top Rated, had their title removed by Sony because of name and trophy focus

After launching on the PS4 yesterday, 1000 Top Rated (actually known as ★★★★★ 1000 Top Rated), was pulled from the PlayStation Store by Sony. The sliding puzzle game was touted by the company’s trailer as the ‘World’s Fastest Platinum Trophy’ and contained minimal gameplay. The game was going for $0.98 USD before being removed and took an estimated hour to get the coveted and ultimate achievement. But the launch video ‘admitted’ that a 20 minute platinum was possible as well.

From the official Facebook page for the company behind the game (who, in a not so surprising twist, sells PS4 themes), the developers had this to say about the pulling of their work:

Yes, 1000 Top Rated will be resurrected with a new moniker and advertising. Maybe the next time it will have 6 ★’s instead of 5. It probably will keep the ‘1000 4K images’ and the simplistic sliding mechanics intact to keep the trophy-baiting up to snuff.

Speaking of which, there’s actually a guide on how to get all silver and golds in the game (of course there are no bronzes). All in all there are 22 trophies and the PlayStation Trophies walkthrough lists the difficulty at a 1 out of 10. I feel like I missed out on something special with this game.

However, the more important question comes with the quality control procedures that Sony puts in place for incoming games. A few questionable ones, namely Life of Black Tiger and Solbrain: Knight of Darknessfound their way into the PS store and into controversy. However, these two titles were eventually pulled along with 1000 Top Rated and to Sony’s credit, it only took a day to get rid of the platinum sliding puzzle game.

My guess is that Best Themes will put their game back out on the market but with the requested changes. It will probably slide under the radar with a bunch of other games and make some money. But until then, if that even happens, here’s the original launch trailer for your enjoyment(?):