100K Warzone Tournament May 2021 - Winners, Final Leaderboard

Here's who won the FaZe $100k Warzone Tournament on May 5, 2021

By Kyle Knight

May 6, 2021

FaZe Atalanta held a 100K Warzone Tournament just a few hours ago, and for those that might have missed it, we’ve got the winners and final leaderboard right here in this article.

Make sure to check out the link below to find out all of the new changes coming to Cold War and Warzone on May 6 in the most recent Playlist Update.

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Verdansk ‘84 Trailer | Call of Duty® Warzone™

Verdansk ‘84 Trailer | Call of Duty® Warzone™

FaZe’s 100K Warzone Tournament

The Atlanta FaZe Gold Rush Tournament took place in Warzone just a few hours ago on May 5, 2021. For those that might have missed the tournament, you don’t need to panic as the full thing is available on the official Atlanta FaZe YouTube Channel.

The tournament pitted the following duo teams against each other to see who would come out on top:

  1. HusKerrs & newbz
  2. Swagg & GD_booya
  3. Kalei & Austin FBZ
  4. itskayan & Royalize_
  5. Pamaj & Dirty
  6. DrDisrespect & ZLaner
  7. LuckyChamu & Repulize
  8. BobbyPoffGaming & Mayappo
  9. Bloo & Slater
  10. JoeWo & Stukawaki
  11. Destroy & 1Bibby
  12. blakecissel & JorgeSummerTime
  13. mrdaft & JSmoothHHD
  14. Tommey & AlmxndTV
  15. Aydan & Rated
  16. TeePee & UnRational
  17. MuTeX & Blazt
  18. DiazBiffle & SuperEvan

Final Leaderboard & Winners

Below you will find the top 5 leaderboard and winners for the FaZe 100K Warzone Tournament that took place on May 5, 2021. These results were taken from the official e-sports website, BOOM.TV.

For those that want to read the entire finishing leaderboard for the tournament, make sure to check out the BOOM.TV link above.

WINNERS = JoeWo & Stukawaki (397pts)

JoeWo – 154 ELIMS & Stukawake – 143 ELIMS

2ND PLACE = HusKerrs & newbz = (379pts)

HusKerrs – 146 ELIMS & newbs – 133 ELIMS

3RD PLACE = DiazBiffle & SuperEvan (365pts)

DiazBiffle – 157 ELIMS & SuperEvan – 108 ELIMS

4TH PLACE = Swagg & GD_booya (352pts)

Swagg – 122 ELIMS & GD_booya – 134 ELIMS

5TH PLACE = MuTeX & Blazt (320pts)

MuTeX – 136 ELIMS & Blazt – 100 ELIMS

Cold War & Warzone Season 3

Season 3 of both Cold War and Warzone is now live in-game! The new Season kicked off on April 22 with a whole plethora of content.

Warzone players were treated to the Destruction of Verdansk Event which saw the map become overrun with Zombies, ultimately ending in its demise. However, the event did finish with players being transported back to 1984 and dropping into a brand new Verdansk for the first time.

Whilst Cold War players were given new Multiplayer Maps, New WeaponsNew Operators, and so much more!

You can jump into Season 3 of both games right now, don’t forget to grab the new Battle Pass when you jump in.

Warzone and Cold War are available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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